We accord a warm welcome to the distinguished Nobel laureates, researchers, pharmacists and biotechnologists working in the field of biotechnology, from around the world to the United Arab Emirates for the Third Biotechnology World Congress (3rd BWC). This cutting edge conference will present latest advances in various disciplines of biotechnology.

The United Arab Emirates is an obvious choice to host such a specialized scientific conference, which will have global implications. As H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research and Chancellor of the HCT said at the opening of the 2012 ICDDT/BWC in Dubai: "We are a country that promotes creativity and values innovation; a country committed to building a knowledgeable society where ideas drive economic success and help affect positive change. The improvement in the health of our citizens is one of our nation's highest priorities". Furthermore, the UAE's geographic location puts it at the centre, or nexus, of the very populous and developing Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing enormous opportunities and new markets for scientific research and for new products and solutions.

One of the most important and daunting challenges faced by today's researchers, technologists and innovators is to design, develop and distribute products and solutions which are accessible and affordable to the large mass of the world's less affluent population. There is a need for research efforts in drug discovery and therapy to be further focused towards the treatment of specific diseases afflicting this part of humanity and to also continue the ground-breaking work to improve the standards of health for all citizens of the world. Furthermore, visionary efforts, combined with innovative technologies, are needed to address the gap between supply and accessible treatment. Other challenges faced by the scientific and research communities include meeting the demands of an increasing ageing population, dealing with lifestyle diseases in both developing and developed economies and slowing the inexorable spread of communicable diseases. But ultimately the most significant challenge may be addressing and defeating the presence of resistance epidemics. The deliberations and recommendations of this conference will have a significant impact on the future directions of business development, strategic alliances, partnering trends, product opportunities, growth, business models and strategies, licensing merger and acquisitions, outsourcing, venture capital and financing and intellectual property.

The conference will have a variety of lectures from eminent scientists including Noble Laureates who will deliver lectures on plant and environmental technologies, transgenic plants and crops, bioremediation, microbial diversity and bio-monitoring. Participants will also have excellent deliberation on pharmaceutical biotechnology, vaccines, CNS, Cancer, antibodies, and protein engineering; industrial and manufacturing, biofuels, energy crops (Cellulosic ethanol industry) industrial Enzymes, bioprocess engineering and optimization.

During the deliberations a major focus will also be given to medical biotechnology, stem cells, gene therapy, tissue engineering, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing, cell based therapy, cell cultivation, diagnostics, imaging, pharmacogenomics, microarray technology, biomarkers. Also, there will be important lectures on food, marine, bio-safely systems biology, clinical reserved/clinical trials, bioethics and Nano biotechnology.

Dear Colleagues,

Developing innovative and effective biotechnology solutions to problems encountered by us in health, environment and in agriculture is a pressing challenge faced by today's researchers. There is a need for cutting-edge research and development efforts in biotechnology and new strategic partnerships in this important interdisciplinary field.

At the Biotechnology World Congress in Dubai, the participants will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with leading international scientists (including Nobel Laureates) and decision makers in biotechnology.

The conference will feature a variety of lectures in a number of key sessions in biotechnology, including a commercial exhibition and poster sessions. The sessions given will include, strategic alliances in biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, medical biotechnology, plant and environmental biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, and industrial biotechnology.

The conference aims to provide a diverse perspective on the rapid developments in new and emerging fields of biotechnology and how these are presenting new opportunities and challenges to biotechnological scientists and decision makers.

We look forward to welcoming interested participants to the Biotechnology World Congress which will bring together the international leaders in this field in the exotic environment of Dubai. The city of Dubai is a great tourist attraction offering a range of facilities to visitors - a warm climate, beaches, large shopping centers, breathtaking modern architecture, superb restaurants, comfortable hotel accommodation, and a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.

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