DAY 2: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2nd Biotechnology World Congress

February 18th –21st , 2013, Dubai Women’s College, Dubai, UAE




LOCATION: Poster and Exhibition Area

POSTER BOARD TIME: 4:00 P.M. – 4:50 P.M.

Wing 1

Wing 2

Poster Board Orientation #

Name of Presenter

Poster Board Orientation #

Name of Presenter

2BWC-P # 1

Aiji Sakamoto

TO-2 Hamster: Unique Animal Model for Severe Cardiomyopathy

2BWC-P # 16

Makoto Komura

Optimal Mount of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor with Gelatin Sponges

2BWC-P # 2

Adnan K. Niazi

Mitochondrial Regulation Studies Through Specific RNA Knockdown in the Organelles

2BWC-P # 17

Mehtab Alam

Highlighting The Darkness: Design And Synthesis Of A Peptidyl-FRET Substrate For Tumor Marker Enzyme Human Matrix Metalloprotease-2 (hMMP-2)

2BWC-P # 3

Alpheus M. Zobolo

Genetic Diversity in Cucurbita Pepo Landraces from Northern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, Revealed by RAPD Markers 

2BWC-P # 18

Mikhail L. Taubin

Development and Application of Nanostructural and Monocrystals Materials in Medical X-ray Technique

2BWC-P # 4

 Artur R. Cieślewicz

Elevated Neopterin Level in Patients with Primary Arterial Hypertension

2BWC-P # 19

Obioma K. Agwa

Utilization of Poultry Waste for the Laboratory Cultivation of Chlorella for Biomass and Lipid Production   

2BWC-P # 5

Alexander Ratkov

Modelling and Optimization of the Process for Intensive Microbial Production of Branched Chained Amino Acids

2BWC-P # 20

Piotr Hanczyc

Linear and Nonlinear Properties of Biopolymers and their Binding Chromophores

2BWC-P # 6

Deokyeong Choe

The Anti-Obesity Effect in Mice Depending on the Combination of Monascus Pigment Derivatives

2BWC-P # 21

Polycarp N. Okafor

Impact of Petroleum Refining Activities on Nitrate and Nitrite Content of Edible Vegetables and on their in vivo Kinetics in Albino Rats

2BWC-P # 7

Fauzia Imtiaz

Evolutionary Relationship of Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor (LDLR) Gene

2BWC-P # 22

Jana Musilkova

The Influence of Uniaxial Stretching on the mRNA Expression of Connexin 43 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

2BWC-P # 8

Grace Oppong

Multivariable Control for Anaerobic Digestion Processes: A Simulation Study

2BWC-P # 23

Tamás Kovács

Phage Therapy Base Pesticides: Practical Experiences

2BWC-P # 9

Ida N. Feze

The Regulatory Frameworks of Novel Molecular Water Testing Biotechnologies in North America

2BWC-P # 24

Tibor Gorogh

LOXL4 Monoclonal Antibody has High Antiproliferative Effect Against Human Head and Neck Carcinoma Cells

2BWC-P # 10

In Sik Kim

Analysis of Filaggrin Expression in the Skin of Normal and Atopic Dermatitis Subjects

2BWC-P # 25

Mustafa Drah

The Development of Nanotechnology-Based Detection Systems for Diagnosis of Breast cancer



2BWC-P # 11

Jyothi Vanama

Screening of AlphaAmylase Inhibits or Produced by Marine Microorganisms by Modified TLC Method

2BWC-P # 26

Jian-Guang Zhou

Elevated Expression of EphA3 Contributes to Malignant Progression of Prostate Cancer by Promoting Neuroendocrine Differentiation of Tumor Cells

2BWC-P # 12

Lee  J. Seol

Functional Analysis of Fibroblastic Reticular Cell Isolated From Lymph Node Via Tnfr Super Family Stimulation

2BWC-P # 27

Shaoying Zhang

Study on Molecule Identification And Rhizomania Resistance of Transgenic Sugar Beet With RIPS Gene

2BWC-P # 13

Maria E. Stenico

Natural Products from Cyanobacteria with Antitumor Activity


2BWC-P # 28

Yueming Yan

iTRAQ-Based Quantitative Proteomic Analysis Reveals New Metabolic Pathways of Wheat Seedling Growth Under Hydrogen Peroxide Stress

2BWC-P # 14

Magdy M. Youssef

Utilization of Phage Display Libraries for the Identification of Polypeptide Motifs that Bind to Hsp90 Protein Family

2BWC-P # 29

Xiaojing Wang

Tissue Culture-Induced Somaclonal Variation of Decreased Pollen Viability in Torenia (Torenia Fournieri Lind)

2BWC-P # 15

Mahmoud Tanekhy

Innate Immune Response of Common Carp, Cyprinus Carpio L

2BWC-P # 30

 Long-Ling Ouyang

De novo Sequencing, Assembly and Gene Annotation of an Arachidonic Acid-Rich Green Microalga, Myrmecia Incisa Reisigl H4301, By 454 Pyrosequencing


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DAY 3: Wednesday, February 20, 2013


LOCATION: Poster and Exhibition Area

POSTER BOARD TIME: 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. &  3:00 – 4:25 P.M.

Wing 1

Wing 2

Poster Board Orientation #

Name of Presenter

Poster Board Orientation #

Name of Presenter

2BWC-P # 31

Ling Li

Study on the Functional of AhAREB1 from Arachis hypogaea L.

2BWC-P # 46

Se Won Kim

Role of ATP in Protein Folding Activity of Hyperthermophilic Pyrococcus horikoshii Chaperonin

2BWC-P # 32

Xiao-Ping Lu

Prediction Model of Hybrid Performance Using Molecular Marker Based on Additive-Dominant Effect

2BWC-P # 47

Muhammad Akram

Prevalence of Backache Among School Going Children of Hyderabad, Sindh

2BWC-P # 33

Chongbi Li

Extraction of Volatile Oil from Angelica Sinensis and Appraisal of its Biological Activity

2BWC-P # 48

Youngjin Son

Optimization of Human Insulin Production Process Using New Impurity Blocking Method

2BWC-P # 34

Baocheng Hu

Selection and Function of microRNA Targeting Mepe


2BWC-P # 49

Eriko Noda

Development of Simple Molecular Diagnosis System for Malassezia Species

2BWC-P # 35

Feng Gao

Cloning and Analysis of the Key Enzyme Genes in Anthocyanin Synthesis from Purple-Fleshed Sweet Potato [Ipomoea Atatas (L.) Lam]

2BWC-P # 50

Sho Shindo

Cadmium Removal and Bioethanol Production from Phytoremediation Plant by Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF)

2BWC-P # 36

Wenxuan Dong

Cloning and Analysis of SERK1 Gene from Triploid Plant Pingyi Tiancha and Tetraploid Strain 33 in Malus

2BWC-P # 51

Anna Trusek-Holownia

Production of Proteolytic Enzymes by Bacillus Licheniformis in a Classical Continuous Bioreactor and Membrane Bioreactor

2BWC-P # 37

Dilbar Tohty

Effect of Lopnur Region Tamarix L. the Culturable Rhizophere Soil Archaea Diversity and Antibiotic

2BWC-P # 52

Jyothi Vanama

Screening of Alpha-Amylase Inhibitor Produced by Marine Microorganisms by Modified TLC Method

2BWC-P # 38

Hui Chen

Effects of Different Nacl Concentration on Seed Tube Germination, Seedlings Growth of Halocnemun Strobilaceum

2BWC-P # 53

Wittawan Watanasrisin

Study of Plasma Membrane Proteins Expression in Modified Yeast strains

2BWC-P # 39

Han-Liang Cheng

cDNA Sequence and Tissue Expression Analysis of Glucokinase from Liver of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idella)

2BWC-P # 54

 Nouf M. Alenazi

Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Galaxaura Elongata and Characterization of their Antibacterial Activity

2BWC-P # 40

Mingkun Huang

Concurrent Changes in Methyl Jasmonate Emission and its Biosynthesis Genes’ Expression in Cymbidium Ensifolium Flower

2BWC-P # 55

Lucie Bacakova

Behavior of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells on Polymers Functionalized with Bioactive Molecules and Nanoparticles

2BWC-P # 41

Yehua He

Expression Patterns and Function Analysis of SERKs in Somatic Embryogenesis in Pineapple

2BWC-P # 56

Seema Dhir

Identification, DNA Sequencing and Molecular Genetic Variation in Arundo donax Populations

2BWC-P # 42

Zhang Ling

Analysis of Carotenoids Accumulation and Carotenogenic Genes Expression during Fruit Development in Loquat

2BWC-P # 57

Gaeun Kang

Bioequivalence Study of Two Orally Disintegrating Risperidone Formulations in Healthy Korean Volunteers

2BWC-P # 43

Vadivel  Ganapathy

The Niacin/Butyrate Receptor GPR109A is a Tumor Suppressor in Colon

2BWC-P # 58

Sarwan Kumar Dhir

An Experimental Assessment of the Factors Influencing Agrobacterium-mediated Genetic Transformation in Valeria (Valeriana Officinalis L.)

2BWC-P # 44

Shaymaa W. El Far

Association of CAPN-10 Genetic Polymorphism with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome among Egyptians

2BWC-P # 59

Josiah C. Okonkwo

Genetic Correlation between Egg Quality Traits


2BWC-P # 45

Atsushi Matsuo

Candida Albicans Stimulates Transglutaminase Activity in Human Hepatic Cells

2BWC-P # 60

Josiah C. Okonkwo

Hydrolysis of Cellulosic Materials and Detection of Hydrolytic Products using Aspergillus flavus Cellulase


Departure for Gala Dinner at 4:30 P.M.

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DAY 4: Thursday, February 21, 2013


LOCATION: Poster and Exhibition Area

POSTER BOARD TIME: 3:00 – 4:00 P.M.

Wing 1

Wing 2

Poster Board Orientation #

Name of Presenter

Poster Board Orientation #

Name of Presenter

2BWC-P # 61

Afef Dellai

Anticancer Activity of Methanol Extract and Its Fractions From Halurus Equisetifolius


2BWC-P # 75

Benedicta N. Nkeh-Chungag

Anti-Inflammatory and Membrane Stabilizing Properties of Two Oleanolic Acid Derivatives

2BWC-P # 62

Taiga Akpovughaye

Comparative Studies of the Efficacy of Some Selected Fungicidal Plant Extracts

2BWC-P # 76

Tochukwu Nwamaka Nwagu

Activity and Stability of Aspergillus Carbonarius Amylase Upon Interaction with Monovalent and Divalent Cations

2BWC-P # 63

S.Y. Mudi

Comparative Ethanol yield in the Fermentation of Date Fruits and Leaves by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

2BWC-P # 77

Tochukwu Nwagu

Improved Yield and Stability of Amylase by Multipoint Covalent Binding on Polyglutaraldehyde Activated Chitosan Beads; Activation of Denatured Enzyme Molecules by Calcium Ions

2BWC-P # 64

Adel T. Farrokhrun

Developing Countries and Emphasis on Introduction of DNA Vaccines

2BWC-P # 78

KyeongJun Lee

Dietary valine requirement of red seabream (Pagrus major)

2BWC-P # 65

Carmen Gaidau

New Products Based on Collagen Hydrolysates for Cereal Seeds Treatment and Sustainable Agriculture

2BWC-P # 79

KyeongJun Lee

Vitamin C replacement by citrus byproduct in diets for Korean rockfish Sebastes schlegeli

2BWC-P # 66

Mostafa Shourian

Electrochemical Dosimetry of Gamma Ray Emitted from Tallium 201 by Amperometric Superoxide Anion Biosensor

2BWC-P # 80

Aminah B.Hamzah

Macropropagation of Medicinal Plants, Tinospora Crispa for Domestication Purposes

2BWC-P # 67

A.V. Trofimov

New Technology of Geoecological Life Supporting of a Man: Drinking Water as an Effective Helio-Geroprotector

2BWC-P # 81

Nafiseh Serri

Biological Evaluation of Trans-[Ru(dmb)2Cl(EtOH)]PF6; DNA-Binding, DNA Cleavage and Cell Cytotoxicity

2BWC-P # 68

Somaia Abu-Akkada

Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Sarcocystis Species in Water Buffaloes (Bubalus Bubalus) in Egypt

2BWC-P # 82

Suliman S. Abdelrawaf

Influence of Aspergillus Flavus and A. Terreus on The Protein Contents Contaminated with Aflatoxins in Peanut Seeds at Al-Bayda Governorate,  Libya

2BWC-P # 69

Oluwatosin K. Shittu

Chemotherapeutic Action of Methanolic Extract of Thymus Vulgaris Leave in T. Brucei  Infected Rats

2BWC-P # 83

Kisung Ko

Characterization and Function of GA733Fc Complex Protein as a Vaccine Candidate for Colorectal Cancer in Plant

2BWC-P # 70

Prashanth Saseedharan

Growth of Gastric Stem Cells on Chitosan Scaffold

2BWC-P # 84

Kisung Ko

Glycomodification and Function of Cancer Immunotherapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Expressed in Plant

2BWC-P # 71

Sunitha Pulikkot

Polycaprolactone scaffolds trigger growth and differentiation of gastric stem cells

2BWC-P # 85

Margrethe Serek

Use of Genetic Modification for Quality Improvement of Flowering Ornamentals

2BWC-P # 72

Yanrong Wang

The Influence on The Expression of Connexin and Resistance Apoptosis about FSH Interpose in the Different Stage of Vitrification of Mouse Ovary

2BWC-P # 86

Pedro Adrian Aredes Fernandez

Increase in Antioxidant and Antihypertensive Peptides from Cabernet Sauvignon Wine by Oenococcus oeni

2BWC # 73

Pei Xiuying

ERS Plays a Important role in Ovarian Transplantation after Cryopreservation

2BWC # 87

Pedro A. Aredes - Fernandez

Antimicrobial Activity of Polyphenols from Argentinean Fruit using Flow Cytometric Analysis

2BWC # 74

Yanrong Wang

The Influence on The Expression of VEGF/ VEGFR-2 And avβ5 Integrin in the Vitrification of Mouse Ovary Intervention by FSH

2BWC # 88

Jin-Man Kim

Expression of Carboxyl Terminus of Hsp70-Interacting Protein (CHIP) Indicates Poor Prognosis in Human Gallbladder Carcinoma

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