Welcome Letter

Welcome Message From Co-President

Dear Colleagues,

Developing innovative and effective biotechnology solutions to problems encountered by us in health, environment and in agriculture is a pressing challenge faced by today's researchers. There is a need for cutting-edge research and development efforts in biotechnology and new strategic partnerships in this important interdisciplinary field.

At the Biotechnology World Congress in Bangkok, the participants will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with leading international scientists (including Nobel Laureates) and decision makers in biotechnology.

The conference will feature a variety of lectures in a number of key sessions in biotechnology, including a commercial exhibition and poster sessions. The sessions given will include, strategic alliances in biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, medical biotechnology, plant and environmental biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, and industrial biotechnology.

The conference aims to provide a diverse perspective on the rapid developments in new and emerging fields of biotechnology and how these are presenting new opportunities and challenges to biotechnological scientists and decision makers.

We look forward to welcoming interested participants to the Biotechnology World Congress which will bring together the international leaders in this field in the fascinating environment of Bangkok. The city has become a great tourist attraction because of the range of facilities that it offers to the visitors, warm clean beaches, traditional bazaars and modern shopping centers which are a shopper's paradise, culinary delights from the East and the West, and top class hotels which can provide you with very comfortable accommodation at reasonable rates.